New York reopening to start May 15 ‘region by region’: Governor

New York reopening to start May 15 'region by region'

New York: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo laid out a multi-layered process for New York businesses and institutions to start reopening by region after the coronavirus shutdown, as his May 15 ‘pause’ order expires, but local governments will be expected to watch specific health measures and to monitor results to guide their actions.

“This is going to be region by region,” Cuomo said from his daily briefing, taking place Monday in Rochester County. Each region, he added, will need to “monitor this system on a daily basis … based on the data, based on the facts, and that will be a little different for every region in the state.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday said the city has a sufficient supply of PPE for the first time since March.

He said the city will be stockpiling a 90-day supply of PPE to deal with a possible second wave of the virus and said the city is working with private industry to make sure these items are manufactured in NYC so it does not have to rely on others in the future. 

The mayor said the city will distribute 7.5 million masks for free in upcoming weeks across the city. 

Talking about summer plans, de Blasio said beaches will not open on Memorial Day. The city will host some type of July 4 celebration that will include fireworks, but the plan remains fluid.

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