New York State spends the most on welfare

To determine the states spending the most on public welfare, researchers at calculated total state and local welfare spending per person using the most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau. Public welfare spending includes cash assistance payments, vendor payments, and other uncategorized payments administered by state and local governments. 

The analysis found that in New York State, 21.0% of total state spending is dedicated to welfare spending, compared to the national average of 18.8%. In total, New York State spends about $4,094 per resident on welfare each year. Out of all U.S. states, New York spends the most on welfare. Here is a summary of the data for New York State: 

  • State & local welfare spending per capita: $4,094 

  • State & local welfare spending as a share of total spending: 21.0% 

  • Total state & local welfare spending: $79,165,215,000 

  • Cash assistance payments: $2,589,581,000 

  • Vendor payments: $65,848,681,000 

  • Other public welfare: $10,726,953,000 

For reference, here are the statistics for the entire United States: 

  • State & local welfare spending per capita: $2,257 

  • State & local welfare spending as a share of total spending: 18.8% 

  • Total state & local welfare spending: $743,712,401,000 

  • Cash assistance payments: $23,020,008,000 

  • Vendor payments: $620,896,279,000 

  • Other public welfare: $99,796,114,000 

For more information, a detailed methodology, and complete results, find the original report on 

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