New York: Street party turns violent, at least 13 shot, stabbed or hit by cars

A street party that attracted hundreds of people turned violent in New York on Sunday leaving at least 13 people injured, authorities said. At least four people suffered gunshot wounds and five others were stabbed, among other injuries at the street party in the Syracuse area of New York.

The incident unfolded after hundreds of people had gathered on the 100 block of Davis Street in the city’s west side when gunfire was heard at 12:22 am (local time), according to Syracuse police spokesman Lt Matthew Malinowski. 

Other victims were apparently accidently struck by vehicles while fleeing what the department said was a “large gathering of hundreds of people” on the city’s West Side. 

Malinowski said all of the injured, three males and 10 females, ranging between the ages of 17 and 25, are expected to survive. The 13 known victims were located on the street or later at hospitals, he added. 

Syracuse Police Chief Joe Cecile said officers patrolling heard the gunshots, and the city’s gunshot detection system showed dozens of rounds being fired. 

The crowd was a mix of high school students, recent high school graduates and college students, many of whom had just returned home for the summer. 

The party was advertised on social media while no permit was issued and the streets were not officially blocked off or policed, Cecile said. 

A neighbor said that a fight broke out before midnight but ended quickly but there was another scuffle and dozens of gunshots rang out. 

Police were investigating Sunday to determine what led to the violence and whether the stabbings preceded or followed the shots being fired. 

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