NJ residents’ fundraiser for sending 100 oxygen concentrators to India

A GoFundMe initiative by NJ residents Dr. Shubha Varma and Archana Gollamudi aims to raise enough money to send minimum 100 oxygen concentrators each to four major major cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Ahmedabad in the next week. “We are working with medical friends in the NRI community from each of these cities to deliver these oxygen concentrators to our government funded medical colleges and hospitals. The Indian Embassy is helping us with custom clearance and freight charges. Each medical grade concentrator costs approximately $500. We will need to collect about $ 250,000 in the next few days to accomplish this goal. There is an urgency to this mission as we all know. 
At this time we ask that you please donate generously to a place that we all love dearly. We thank you in anticipation for your donation. What you will receive in return will no doubt be many fold more,” they wrote on the GoFundMe page.   

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