No ‘politics’ over return of Indian students: China

Beijing: The Chinese foreign ministry has said that the return of stranded Indian students is not a ‘political’ matter and they will not be ‘discriminated’ against when the ban is lifted on foreign students from returning to China.

The Indian embassy in Beijing, in a statement issued on Feb 22, said it was also working with “…the Chinese side on the issue of movement of people between the two countries”, and have asked Indians intending to travel to China to keep in contact with the Chinese embassy and consulates in India.

The assurances from the Chinese foreign ministry (MFA), the statement added, were in response to Indian diplomats frequently taking up the problems of stranded Indians, especially the thousands of students, with Chinese authorities.

The MFA, however, did not tell the embassy when the students or the rest of the Indians will be allowed back in China.

The Indians had left China in 2020 around the time the Covid-19 pandemic was spreading here but have been ready to return to continue their education, work or rejoin families for nearly two years.

The deteriorating Sino-India ties have added to the uncertainties and doubts in the minds of Indians stuck home.

MFA’s latest response came after the embassy officials told them that Indian medical authorities do not recognize online degrees and students who have only studied remotely will not be allowed to sit for a mandatory exam. “In this regard, the MFA of China has assured the embassy that they are cognizant of the welfare of all foreign students, including Indian students, and have also conveyed that they will work on their early return to China in a coordinated manner and will continue contact with the embassy on this matter,” the embassy said.

“Chinese MFA also conveyed that the return of Indian students was not a political issue and they will not be discriminated in any manner while deciding on the return of foreign students to China to resume their education,” the statement added. (Hindustan Times)

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