Nobel committee deputy leader Toje praises PM Modi for Ukraine intervention

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday received glowing praise from the Nobel Prize Committee’s deputy leader Asle Toje. “Narendra Modi is the most trusted leader in the world who can establish peace between the countries at conflict,” he said.

Asle Toje, a foreign policy scholar and member of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, is on his India tour. Addressing the media, he said that India is destined to be a superpower, adding that PM Modi is the most trusted leader for stopping war and only he can establish peace.

“Prime Minister Modi has intervened on a positive note in the Ukraine crisis, warning Russia against using nuclear weapons,” Toje said. He was referring to PM Modi’s ‘Today’s era is not an era of a war’ comment to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Appreciating India’s efforts to “remind” Russia against using nuclear weapons in the ongoing war in Ukraine, Toje, deputy leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee on Thursday said that the world needs more such interventions in international politics. “India’s intervention to remind Russia of the consequences of using Nuclear weapons was very helpful,” said Toje.

Toje pointed out that India didn’t speak in a loud voice, didn’t threaten anybody, they just made their position known in a friendly manner. We need more of that in International politics.

Asle Toje said that while Modi has been the Prime Minister of India for many years now, he is perceived as one of the eldest statesmen of the world, who has credibility and is taken more seriously. “I think any responsible leader in the world would like to give this message. It is all the more important when it comes from a powerful country like India,” Toje said.

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