Non-Jains celebrate Mahaveer Jayanti too

Huntington: Non-Jain members of the Gathering of Light have been celebrating Mahaveer Jayanti since 2007 in Huntington. Last year due to COVID-19 was the only interruption since then.  This year it was celebrated on April 17 with COVID compliance and went live on Facebook.

Rev. JoAnn Barrett welcomed everyone to kick off the program in the morning. Jyoti Shah recited Navkar Mantra and Nitin Ajmera, currently Chairman of the Parliament of World Religions, eloquently spoke about Mahaveer’ s teaching in action. Rev. Gerard Pruziner sang “Vande Mahaveera” while Bakul Matalia’s inspirational message was about Anekantavada and Peace. Ila Vora, coordinator of the program, recited Shivmastu peace prayer. Several more joyful songs culminating with an upbeat closing song of “Let There Be Peace On Earth” ended the program.

Arvind Vora talked about Anuvrat  and requested attendees and listeners to contribute small articles on Anuvrat to be published in The South Asian Times.


Image courtesy of (Photo: Arvind Vora)

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