‘Non-locals’ allowed to vote in J&K, parties protest

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir is likely to have 25 lakh new voters in the next election, with non-locals registering to vote for the first time in the region.

Former Chief Ministers Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah have sharply criticized the move, calling it a “dangerous attempt” to influence elections.

Jammu and Kashmir has been without an elected government for more than four years. Elections are expected next year.

A special revision of the electoral rolls will allow non-locals to register as voters in Jammu and Kashmir for the first time since the Centre scrapped its special status under Article 370 in 2019, changing the constitution to allow non-Kashmiris to vote and own land there.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Electoral Officer Hirdesh Kumar told reporters that more than 20 lakh new voters are expected to be enrolled in the region ahead of polls. This could increase the voter count by more than a third, adding to the existing 76 lakh voters in the region.

“After abrogation of 370, those who couldn’t vote earlier can now register as voters. We are expecting an addition of (20-25 lakh) new voters in the final list,” Kumar said, including non-Kashmiris.

He pointed out that just as it is for all states across India, anyone living or working in Jammu and Kashmir can vote there.

Former Chief Minister, PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti, said the BJP was focused on influencing election results. “Allowing non-locals to vote is obviously to influence election results. The real aim is to continue ruling J&K with an iron fist to disempower locals,” she tweeted.

Addressing the media later, she referenced Nazi Germany and Palestine while criticizing the BJP’s policies in Jammu and Kashmir. “Democracy is in danger. They are simply trying to bring in 25 lakh BJP voters through the backdoor,” she added.

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