North Korea’s new spy satellite surveilling White House: Report

New York: North Korea claimed its first spy satellite put into space, which was launched into orbit last week, has taken photos of the White House, Pentagon and nearby US naval stations. The prominent US sites add to a list of areas North Korea claims to have photographed using its reconnaissance probe that was launched on November 21.

The state’s official media said leader Kim Jong Un has seen the latest images along with previous photos of Rome, Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, Pearl Harbor and the US Navy’s Carl Vinson aircraft carrier. South Korea salvaged one of North Korea’s spy satellites after a failed launch earlier this year and concluded the technology had little military value.

While Seoul believes any North Korea satellite would be rudimentary at best, such technology could help Kim’s regime in its targeting as it steps up its ability to deliver a nuclear strike. North Korea had said the satellite would formally start its reconnaissance mission from December 1 after some fine tuning, but the official Korean Central News Agency said, “the fine-tuning process of the satellite is being hastened to end one or two days earlier.”

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