Not here to preach India on Ukraine crisis: German minister

New Delhi: German minister of state for foreign affairs Tobias Lindner said that it is in the common interest of Germany and India to uphold the international rules-based order against the backdrop of the Ukraine crisis.

Lindner, in India to participate in the Raisina Dialogue and hold bilateral meetings, made it clear that Germany wasn’t in the business of “preaching and teaching” to India about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The aim, he said, is to pull, rather than push, India on the issue and to understand New Delhi’s perspective on the crisis.

The German minister is part of a steadily growing list of European leaders who have traveled to the Indian capital in recent weeks to discuss the fallout of the Russian attack on Ukraine, especially its impact on the security architecture created after World War 2.

“I believe it is in our common interest to uphold the international rules-based order because that’s the basis for peace, sovereignty [and] territorial integrity, but also for close economic ties,” Lindner told a small group of reporters. He stressed that he was not in India “to teach or preach”, and that he intended to “understand the Indian perspective but also more to pull, than to push, India”.

Describing India as a strategic partner for the new German government, he said Berlin wants to deepen relations with New Delhi in areas such as economy, education, technology, and security.

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