Not seeking any foreign support, says RaGa

San Francisco: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that Indians do not believe in hating each other but a small group of people who control the system and the media are stoking the flames of hatred. Gandhi is on a 10-day visit to the US, with San Francisco as his first stop, followed by Washington, DC, and New York.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s plans to address a gathering of the Indian diaspora in New York on his visit is likely to make explicit an important reality — the diaspora is where India’s domestic politics intersects with foreign policy. His last foreign trip to the United Kingdom had sparked an outrage as he was accused of disparaging Indian democracy on foreign soil.

While talking about his disqualification as a member of Parliament at Stanford University, Rahul Gandhi said he was not seeking foreign support in the matter.

Gandhi also spoke about the ongoing political scenario in India while addressing the non-resident Indians (NRIs) at the event and accused the Centre of doing injustice to the opposition. “It is difficult to act politically in India,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi praised the Indian diaspora. “I thank the Indian diaspora for holding up the Tricolor in America and showing Americans what it means to be an Indian,” he said, “When Americans praise the contribution of Indians to their growth, it brings us all great pride…That’s the India you represent. You would not be here if you did not agree with these values.”

The former Congress MP landed in San Francisco Tuesday and was received by Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) chief Sam Pitroda and other IOC members. According to reports, Gandhi had to wait for two hours at the airport for immigration clearance.

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