NRI businessman presents emerald studded crown to Guruvayur Temple

Kochi: On Wednesday, NRI businessman Ravi Pillai offered an emerald-studded golden crown, weighing 728.550 grams and embellished with high quality emerald stone, to the Guruvayur Temple. The emerald stone is worth Rs 6 lakh and length wise, the crown is 7.45 inches long and 5.45 inches wide. The topmost part of the crown had a golden peacock on it. Ravi Pillai, accompanied by wife Geetha Pillai and son Ganesh Pillai, arrived at the temple on Wednesday morning and presented the crown. Son Ganesh Pillai got married at the temple on Sept 8, 2021. 

Designed by Pakunnam Ramankutty Dandapani in the ‘Nakshi’ style, the 7.45-inch-high crown took 40 days to complete at the manufacturing facility of the Malabar Gold and Diamonds in Hyderabad

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