NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer talks economic justice for workers

New York: NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer hosted an open discussion Tuesday on fighting for economic justice for workers and working families during COVID-19 and beyond.

The virtual roundtable was well attended with nearly one hundred advocates and faith leaders from various immigrant communities. There was a wide range of questions from how to know if you are working on a prevailing wage site, to the process of claiming for unpaid prevailing wages, as well as inquiries on labor rights for undocumented workers to challenges at the voting booth for vulnerable communities.

Many advocates requested an official Comptroller’s office presentation on prevailing wages for their individual communities.

Since taking office in 2014 Comptroller Stringer has returned more than $15 million to workers that have been cheated out of their wages, and has debarred more than 50 contractors who took advantage of workers.

“An honest day’s work deserves an honest day’s pay — every dollar counts. We’re working to connect workers with $2.5 million in unclaimed prevailing wages our office is holding. Our partnerships with community organizations and advocates is key in helping reach these workers,” said Comptroller Stringer.

“For us at the Comptroller’s office, every week is Labor Rights Week,” said Josiel Estrella, a member of the Comptroller’s staff that works closely with labor law and communications “We strongly believe that workers are their own best advocates when they know their rights and are less likely to be exploited by unscrupulous contractors or employers.”


For more information on prevailing wages visit Workers who believe they may be entitled to unclaimed wages can call the Comptroller’s hotline at (212) 669-4443, or send in inquiries via email to [email protected] 

Image courtesy of The office of NYC Comptroller

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