NYC Lantern Festival returns this holiday season

The New York City area will soon be glowing with a total of over 10,000 lanterns entirely handmade by over 100 artists, as the NYC Winter Lantern Festival returns for the holidays to four different locations, including Staten Island.

“Lantern festivals have been a part of Chinese culture and history for thousands of years, honoring our ancestors and celebrating peace, prosperity and good fortune,” said Haokun Liu, partner of Kaleido Arts & Entertainment Group, the event’s creator.

“We are thrilled to bring back the NYC Winter Lantern Festival, now its fourth year, expand to new locations, introduce all visitors to the beauty of these artisan installations, and have the show become part of New York’s cultural holiday tradition.”

Created as a way for visitors to experience and learn about the culture and craftsmanship of traditional Chinese lantern festivals, these incredible events have been met with rave reviews year after year.

Each of the over 10,000 lanterns is entirely hand made by over 100 artists, formed with thin wire, brightly colored silk or gauze, and lit by LEDs for the most magical creations.

They range in size from massive structures up to 30 feet high that you can walk through, to gardens of light-up flowers, to under-the-sea moments, all across a total of 60 acres!

One can walk and wander through a world inspired by Chinese myths and legends, including a larger-than-life handmade lantern display of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.

In addition, lantern displays will include an animal kingdom, sea world and illuminated tunnels. There will also be illuminated (rideable) swings, food vendors and photo ops.

The Chinese-inspired vibrant winter lantern installations will also be hosted in Queens and Long Island’s Nassau County and Suffolk County. Tickets are on sale at

The Staten Island NYC Winter Lantern Festival poster, ‘Journey To The East’.

Save the date!

October 21: The first festivities will kick off in Staten Island’s SIUH Community Park. Titled, “Journey to the East”, the festival will display vast space of luminous creations inspired by Chinese myths and legends. Lantern displays will include:

Handmade lanterns over 30 feet tall; animal kingdom; sea world; illuminated tunnels; illuminated swings (rideable); concessions & food vendors.

November 3: Located at the Nassau County Museum of Art on Long Island, the “Nassau Drive-Thru Adventure” will dazzle as you roll through over 20 acres of vivid lanterns and holiday lights inspired by outer space

November 4: “Suffolk Winter Lantern Festival” at Smithtown Historical Society, also on Long Island. This is the first show in Suffolk by the NYC Winter Lantern Festival which will transform Smithtown into a magical light display featuring flowers, animals, and much more.

November 11: The festival will light up Queens County Farm for the second time, transforming the beloved site into a radiant oasis

The events will run through January 8, 2023, except for the “Nassau Drive-Thru Adventure” which will run through January 15.

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