NYC Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit and openigloo partner to promote tenant rights

New York, NY: The New York City Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit (“PEU”) and openigloo have announced a new partnership to share information about NYC tenants’ rights, particularly in regards to the NYC Heat Law and Illegal Lockouts. 

As the need for awareness and education on tenant rights continues to rise, PEU is looking for new ways to inform and empower renters in the city. Their new partnership with openigloo will help PEU reach, inform, and educate renters about their rights to a safe, well-maintained apartment that is free from pests, leaks, and hazardous conditions. 

A key element of the partnership is the launch of PEU’s educational campaign “Know Your Rights,” a comprehensive digital marketing program featuring information and resources on the NYC Heat Law and Illegal Lockouts. The campaign will be deployed across openigloo’s digital channels, which have a large and growing audience of NYC renters.  

Launching in March 2023, various resources will appear on the openigloo platform and social media channels. In addition to offering creative support to develop the campaign, openigloo will also utilize its own marketing channels to expand the reach of the campaign and share the information to the one million plus openigloo users. 

“The PEU Tenant Support Unit’s mission is to provide tenants with tools and resources to ensure their rights are protected. Partnerships like the one between PEU and openigloo are crucial in empowering New Yorkers with this knowledge,” said Adrienne Lever, Executive Director at the Public Engagement Unit. “We are excited to partner with openigloo to expand our reach and provide tenants with the information they need to live comfortably and safely in their homes.” 

“Sharing information about tenants’ rights has been a key part of our mission at openigloo,” said Allia Mohamed, co-founder and CEO at openigloo. “NYC has dozens of laws and programs to help protect renters, but it can sometimes be difficult for tenants to navigate the system and find the right resources. We are excited to partner with the Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit and help shine a light on the rules and initiatives working to keep renters safe”. 

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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