NYC sees ‘real progress’ as ICU patients decrease: de Blasio

Mayor de Blasio said New York City is seeing “real progress” in combatting coronavirus as public hospitals see a drop in the number of patients in intensive care units despite a jump in hospitalizations.

“Even against the backdrop where there’s been real progress, we still need more progress to get to the point where we need to get to low-level transmissions and loosen up some of those restrictions,” Hizzoner said during a briefing Wednesday.

There were 821 people in ICUs at 11 public hospitals on Monday, a small drop from the 857 the day before, according to the mayor.

The number of people admitted to both public and private hospitals for suspected COVID-19 increased to 252 on Monday, 48 more than the total new admissions made Sunday.

But the city also saw a decrease in the percentage of people tested for coronavirus who were positive for the disease. (Source:

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