Only 38% Americans approve Trump’s job performance

Washington: With less than five months until the 2020 elections, just 38 percent of voters approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing, down from his all-time high of 49 percent reached in early May.

According to a new Gallup poll, the core groups that propelled his 2016 run have been unhappy with his performance in office.

The president has lost support from his traditional backers that include White voters, those without a college degree, and seniors, according to the poll.

The low point of Trump’s presidency came in 2017, when only 35 per cent of voters said they approve of the job he was doing.

Republicans were standing by Trump, the poll revealed with 91 per cent saying they approve of the job he was doing, up from 85 per cent last month.

But the president has reached new lows among independents and Democrats. Thirty-three per cent of independents say they approve of the job Trump is doing, a 6-point drop from the same survey in early June.

Only 2 percent of Democrats approve, the lowest on record.

The Gallup survey of 1,016 US adults was conducted between June 8-30.

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