Op Dost: India lends help to Turkey, Syria

New Delhi: While the Middle Eastern country suffers its deadliest disaster in a century, India has provided Turkey and Syria with earthquake aid ranging from critical medicines, seven C-17 aircraft and now a tracking system.

The Indian Army has developed a network-independent real-time tracking and messaging module called “SANCHAR” which is being used in the Republic of Türkiye in areas where Indian soldiers have been deployed.

Indian Army forces have been deployed in areas of Turkey to provide relief to the local population. There, they can now use the “SANCHAR” system developed by Captain Karan Singh and Sub PG Sapre.

The tool is for use by all defense forces and paramilitary in operations to help track team members and assets on the battlefield and will be used to track relief operations better in earthquake-hit areas.

A catastrophic and destructive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hit Turkey and Syria on February 6. Over 40,000 deaths have been confirmed following the seismic disruption that has broken several records.

It is also stipulated to be the fourth costliest earthquake on record, having caused approximately $84.1 billion of damage.

The Indian Army team deployed in the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) also delivered relief material to Aleppo in Syria on Wednesday.

The Army announced that the deployment included rations and medicines from the Government of India including contributions from the international community. Sources told ANI that the Syrian government had requested aid from the United Nations.

The Indian government had decided that an Army team of around 40 personnel based at UNDOF would undertake multiple trips to Allepo to transport relief materials. These include rations, medical supplies, clothing and other aid.

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