Open Letter to President Trump about Covid-19 Origin

Open Letter to President Trump about Covid-19 Origin

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Open Letter to President Trump about Covid-19 Origin

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APRIL 14, 2020

H.E. Donald J. Trump

President of the United States of America

H.E. Nancy Pelosi

Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives

H.E. Addison Mitchell McConnell, Jr.

Majority Leader, U.S. Senate

Re: Open Letter – M/O Novel Coronavirus Aka Covid19 Aka “2019-n-CoV” or “2019-

nCoV” – Compensation Is Due from China; and If We Were Pearl Harbored, Then

Reparations too.

Honorable Messrs Trump, Pelosi, and McConnell:

Let me begin with three obvious facts: first, the Chinese civilization is a great one, with many

superlative contribution to humanity, including, empire building, martial arts, gun powder, tea,

and perhaps, best of all, Confucius (who famously said: May you live in boring times); second, I

I am a Blessed survivor of Coronavirus, that at 104.3 fever, when I was on fire for 2-3 days, I was at the surreal edge between live and death, where I could calmly talk to God to allow me to live so I may serve and protect my family and serve the Greater Good. In my personal and intimate experience, I labeled Covid19 as a Trojan Horse, as it obviously has a very friendly “handshake” with every host’s auto immune system to gain entry, before turning to destroy one’s Walls of Troy; and third, today the known global Covid19 cases are 1,945,055, with 121,897 global deaths, total US cases of 584,073 with 23,700 deaths, and New York, our epicenter, nearly 11,000 New Yorker have died.

As a disclaimer, I am an American first, a registered Democrat second, and I voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016. I applaud the President for standing up to China’s unfair trade with us, and I am most troubled with her 24/7 global efforts to gain military and economic superiority on land, air, water and space, well beyond OBOR, and her continuing and enhanced misbehavior in South China Sea. Finally, yesterday, I specifically tweeted to dear Amb. Zhang Jun, China’s PR, and to her bilateral Ambassador Cui – as “fairness, respect and personal honor requires me to invite you to respond to my Tweets I’ve made re China, WHO and Covid19.” Unlike, on April 4, 2020, when PR Zhang and I respectfully conversed on Twitter, albeit, about the serious need for China to disclose the “Raw Truth” about Covid19, China’s distinguished diplomats incredulously maintained “radio silence,” when being forthcoming was what was required – both as a duty, and as reciprocal honor.

Recently, on April 9, 2020, House Oversight and Reform’s Ranker Jim Jordon, and his

colleagues, sent a gentle letter to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, DG, of the WHO. I join in

said letter, albeit, I would not have been so gentle to a dishonest fiduciary, whose misconduct

proximately caused the world’s public health to lay in ruins and the world’s economies were set

adrift from both fiscal and monetary policies.

WHO breached its fiduciary-forensic duties owed to the world, as it dishonestly enjoyed being

China’s lap dog and purposefully issued false statements, and delayed declaring a pandemic so as to create a confusing record for nations’ leaders, reasonably causing miscalculation. I had in days prior to Rep. Jordan’s letter, called for an amendment to the UN Charter, to do away with the moth-balled Trusteeship Council and to replace it with a new Public Health UNSC, but named “UN Pandemic Council,” with 12 Permanent Members and 9 or 13 Rotating Members, charged with Responsibility to Protect, a sovereignty-piercing power, and have OPCW, as well as a reconstituted WHO, albeit, re-named, and then report to it. I am happy to say, Philippines

Foreign Minister, dear Teddy Locsin has publicly – on Twitter – approved my proposal, and other

nations’ Permanent Representatives have expressed interest in also supporting such a change to

surgically remove the corruption-cancer and establish “clean margins” for honest fiduciary forensics to protect the global Public Health.

It is a curious fact, that where-ever we have cut back in our contributions at the UN and her

“organs,” China for merely giving UN the funding-shortfall we created, has become the “cherry

on top” of all such organs. This is wrong, and an insult to our mammoth contributions still being

contributed, but, incredulously, taken for granted. The WHO ought be defrocked and defunded,

while its function – only vital if the forensics are done consistent to high fiduciary duties – and

then, it too, as reconstituted, report to the new proposed UN Pandemic Council.

The role and function of the United Nations is vital and important as ever, as the UNSC, charged

with preventing WWIII has handsomely succeeded, even as the weeds of local and regional wars

have mushroomed. UN is celebrating its 75th Anniversary. Perfect time for some “spring-cleaning,” and re-calibration to achieve necessary reforms to better effectuate the high ideals of the UN Charter. It is, after all, a paraphrased amalgam of our Declaration of Independence and our cherished Constitution, to help form a more perfect world.


Coronavirus – as a matter of biochemistry (see, “1st documentary movie on the origins of

CCP virus – Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus” (The 1st Documentary)

I rely upon this cited evidence, see below, as it credibly shows, and I credit it, that the “story of

the Wuhan Seafood Market” is a pretext and an elegant cover-up, which is exposed as such with

biochemistry: China denied there was any “human-to-human” transmission. Well, we know that

to be a Big Lie, as we are all under a Lockdown to prevent “community spread,” i.e. human-to- human transmission. Jon Cohen wrote in the Journal Science, “Wuhan seafood market may not

be the source of novel virus spreading globally.” In a paper entitled, The clinical features of

patients with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China, published in The Lancet, whose first

author Huang Chaolin, Deputy Director of Jin Yin-Tan Hospital, and Dr. Sean Lin, who said:

  1. Symptom onset of the First Patient is on December 1, [2019] had NO relation to the

Huanan Seafood market;

  1. No epidemiological link was found between the first patient and later cases;

III. On December 10, [2019], there were 3 more cases, 2 cases of the 3 cases had NO

relation to the Huanan Seafood Market;

  1. Since December 15 [2019], a cluster of cases with a history of seafood market

exposure have been reported;

  1. NO one sells BATS at the Wuhanan Seafood Market and NO BATS have been found.

Judy A. Mikovits PhD, Molecular Biologist, Former Director of Lab of Antiviral Mechanisms

NCI said: There were no bats, and the idea of the spread so fast through the population is highly

unlikely and improbable.

There were 99 confirmed cases at Jin Yin-Tan Hospital, of which 50 had NO exposure to

Wuhanan Seafood Market.

45 of the 425 confirmed cases before January 22 [2020], had NO contact with the Wuhanan

Seafood market, albeit, the secondary source of a virus appears to be mushrooming and overshadowing (cover-up) the original breach of the original virus.

Daniel Lucey, an epidemiologist at the University of Georgetown said the First case would have

been infected by the virus already in November [2019] – if not earlier because there is an

incubation time between infection and symptoms surfacing. [Means Wuhanan Seafood Market is

a secondary source, not the primary source, and as a result of “community spread,” at best, or a

separate virus introduced to cover up the earlier one, at worst].

Gordan Chang, Asian Affairs Expert, and columnist, said: We know that Beijing for six (6)

weeks in December [2019] and January [2020] suppressed information, before acknowleding on

January 20th, and they then started a campaign of suppression of information, and on January 26th created a panel, and it was very heavy with propaganda officials. Indeed, the vice chairman of the group is the Communist Party’s propaganda czar. The Communist Party Group imposed a false diagnostic criteria, starting with – must have contact with Wuhanan Seafood market, knowing a solid one-third of the cases had ZERO contact with Wuhanan Seafood Market. Thank God, they didn’t impose a Bat-Bite requirement for their investigation. Hence, it was the start of an organized cover-up, and to mislead the world as to what China was really up to.

Gen. Robert Spalding, Senior Fellow Hudson Institute, and former NSC Senior Strategy Director, was in China when SARS happened. Same playbook.


Critical Evidence – The Mysterious Gene Sequence (from the 1st Documentary):

The coronavirus, aka “2019-n-CoV” – has a 100% amino acid similarity in the nsp7 and E

proteins with “Bat-SL-CoVZC45″ and “Bat-SL-CoVZXC21, but worst of all, the “2019-n-CoV”

– has a reversed-engineered and grafted-on in a lab of the natural-to-bats “receptor-binding”

domain structure, the “mushrooms” on the surface, of the “SARS-CoV” – i.e. a transplantation of

the Spike Glycoprotein(S), the natural “mushroom” on the surface of “SARS-CoV” is in a lab

genetically added/spliced/grafted onto o “2019-n-CoV” – which I have, from personal experience, called a Trojan Horse to have a friendly “handshake,” is in fact accurate biochemically – as the “receptor-binding” unlocks the human cell, and enters the human body much easier! The SARS’ “Bat-SL-CoVZc45″ and “Bat-SL-CoVZXC21″ – with its natural Bat-based “mushrooms” on the surface – did not enter humans.


CDC’s Error: Curiously, the CDC.Gov site publishes the January 29, 2020 article in The Lancet

– which gets into the genome characteristics of the subject coronavirus, aka “2019-n-coV” aka

“2019-nCov,” at ( ), which states the predicate findings, as

“The ten genome sequences of 2019-nCoV obtained from the nine patients were

extremely similar, exhibiting more than 99·98% sequence identity. Notably, 2019-nCoV

was closely related (with 88% identity) to two bat-derived severe acute respiratory

syndrome (SARS)-like coronaviruses, bat-SL-CoVZC45 and bat-SL-CoVZXC21,

collected in 2018 in Zhoushan, eastern China, but were more distant from SARS-CoV

(about 79%) and MERS-CoV (about 50%). Phylogenetic analysis revealed that

2019-nCoV fell within the subgenus Sarbecovirus of the genus Betacoronavirus, with a

relatively long branch length to its closest relatives bat-SL-CoVZC45 and

bat-SL-CoVZXC21, and was genetically distinct from SARS-CoV. Notably, homology

modelling revealed that 2019-nCoV had a similar receptor-binding domain structure to

that of SARS-CoV, despite amino acid variation at some key residues.”

Despite finding that 2019-n-CoV had these “receptor-binding,” which is not natural, but was

reverse engineered, like the WHO misleading the world, issued an “interpretation” that ignores

the non-natural addition of these Spike Glycoprotein to Coronavirus!


Edgar Allan Poe: Purloined Letter

I well recall the famous American mystery writer, Edgar Allan Poe, who in his “Purloined

Letter” – has the subject letter hiding in “plain sight” in a letter box on the desk, while everyone

is looking for secret compartments. Here, the first case had NO exposure to Wuhanan Seafood

Market, and there are NO bats at said market. Hence, Wuhanan is secondary source, after

community spread, and can be ignored and discarded as a “cover up.” The actual and original

source of the coronavirus is therefore elsewhere. That is an undeniable fact, well capable of

meeting even the criminal standard of proof – “beyond a reasonable doubt.” I, therefore charge

China with hiding the actual source of coronavirus, and ignore the fraudulent assertion by the

Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Czar that Wuhanan Seafood Market, with zero Bats, has

any value to getting to the source, or finding the most precious item right now across the world:

the most effective vaccine to this plague from China. China, it appears, is following an old

playbook it developed in SARS outbreak

The question, then arises: where, oh where, did Coronavirus come from?

The answer, given the reverse-engineered receptor-binding, my “Trojan Horse” element, which

makes this virus so contagious, since it took a natural element in the two SARS virus, and spliced it on to Covid19 to unlock human auto-immune system/defense.

Why did China allow its citizens to travel the world after November 2019, when she knew there

were coroanvirus (with artificial receptor-binding) cases, which had nothing to do with Wuhanan

Seafood Market? Was this negligence? Was this intentional? I cannot prove intent, but

negligence, is overwhelming.


China had a duty to tell the WHO, and the world (not, do a “hit & run”):

The International Health Regulations (2005) are internationally binding rules upon member states, which obligate them in handling pubic health issues, especially, for highly transmissible

diseases. Ironically, they were adopted after the 2003 SARS outbreak in China – and then too,

China was critized for not promptly disclosing – what I have demanded – the “Raw Truth.” These

rules are enforced by the WHO, China’s Lap Dog, and thru the ICJ. Among the Rules violated by China include, WHO’s Article 6 (Not notifying WHO of a Public Health Emergency – in

November 2019), article 7 (Un-timely information-sharing during an emergency), Article 64 (not

providing timely epidemiological reports – the core violation, given China’s active cover-up, and

even substituting Wuhanan Seafood Market as a false source), and finally, violating the anticorruption regulation, Article 37 (seeking to influence the WHO DG Dr. Ghebreysus, and staff – WHO has played well as a lap dog, and hence, China has violated this Article).


Pearl Harbor FDR: “A Day That Will Live in Infamy” – when Kamikaze Pilots of the

Imperial Forces of Japan hit us on December 7, 1941 in a sneak attack, but in broad daylight,

their attack started at 7:55 am and lasted till 9:00am, a little over an hour, causing, according to

the National Park Service, 1998 Navy personnel, 109 Marines, 233 Army personnel and 48

civilians killed at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941; a total of 2388 Americans killed. Still,

the Japanese airmen were enemy combatants, and died in service to their Emperor – until General

Douglas MacArthur had him abdicate divinity on the deck of the USS Missouri. Here, however,

China used – negligently or heaven forbid, intentionally, her everyday unwitting citizen-tourists

and businessmen, contaminated with Coronavirus, to spread the deadly and lab-engineered

plague of death and destruction, and then covered it up and went ‘radio silent.” China is

criminally guilty at least of a “Hit and Run.” If our Government was to find out that we were

Pearl Harbored, even more sneakily than on December 7, 941, then China must lose her UNSC

Permanent Seat, and give the world $100 Trillion in reparations, and disband her military.


Rule of Law in our Rules-based world – The Standard of Proof and Permitted Inferences: I

honor the established standard of proof, and permitted inference – Civilly, when only

compensation is due, the standard is “mere preponderance of the evidence,” and a “negative

inference’ is charged, when a party who ought to speak up or produce documents, but doesn’t,

such party is presumed to be hiding “inculpatory” evidence of said party’s guilt. My near 10-day

Tweets in seeking to honesty crack the Coronavirus case – based upon reliable evidence – and a

specific tweet, predicated upon fairness, respect and personal honor, to Ambassadors Zhang and

Cui, including, even a tagging of “@China_mfa,” sadly, did not cause a tsunami of facts and

documents showing China’s innocence to come my way today.

Instead, China has “closed” and “covered up” tighter than a drum used in parades. This behavior

violates a core “duty” to speak up, let alone help find the best Coronavirus vaccine. Accordingly,

on the established rules of law, China is at least guilty of negligence in proximately causing a

world pandemic, where nearly 2 million people have suffered its pain and suffering, and nearly

122,000 souls have lost their lives and left their families damaged and fractured. A simple

example: a trucking delivery service has two trucks, one that is a flat-bed, and the other, which is

a closed truck-container. The Owner directs the driver to use the flat-bed truck, load it up with

boxes, and then strap them down tightly. The driver, on the road, hits a few bumps, does a few

hard brakes, and the next thing you know, as he is going around a turn his load becomes loose

and shoots across the highway. The cars behind while trying to avoid being “shot at” by the

bouncing boxes, crash into each other or the road divider, many suffering injuries, and some even dying. A lawfully negligent driver would stop his truck, get out, and try to help, or at least call 911 for ambulance and police. China didn’t do that. China kept driving, and when asked, told falsehoods to deceive. Hence, under established laws, China is at least guilty of a “Hit & Run,” which is a crime.

Additional facts: China has cancelled approximately 8 million cell phones in the last 3-4 months

– each Chinese citizen is authenticated by their government by their cell phone. Unless you are

dead, you don’t cancel your cell phone. This suggests that China’s coronavirus death toll far

exceeds its official number of a mere 3,300. Since President trump has sought to impose fair trade between us, China’s FDI in the United States has dropped from over $45 Billion to just over $5 Billion. This shrinking footprint suggests evasion of expected sanctions for bad acts.


Give yellow tint to this last part


Recommendations and Conclusions to POTUS and U.S. Congress:

  1. China owes us civil compensation – at least for negligence, which has been proven the legal

standard – in a fair and reasonable amount, which I recommend match our standard for 9/11, but

no less than $1 million dollars for every American who tested positive for Coronavirus, $5

million for every American who died, and $100,000 for every American who has to be “locked

down.” Every other nation can negotiate – using our good offices of Secretary Pompeo – for their

fair and reasonable settlement.

  1. China owes criminal “hit & run” sanctions: I recommend, given the cover-up, which

exacerbated the injury, pain and suffering globally, as well as avoidable deaths, that China’s

ownership of debts in every country – for example the $1.2T in China’s ownership of our T-Bills

– be cancelled. As a further example, it means Sri Lanka’s $9 B debt is cancelled, and she gets

her largest port back. Furthermore, China must vacate Mischief Reef, and stop all aggression,

such as blocking “freedom of navigation,” or just a few days ago, ramming a Vietnamese fishing

boat, with eight fishermen fishing in Vietnamese waters. This outlaw behavior, coupled with

aggressive and active attempts to buy military enhancing capacities must stop.

As I respectfully told China’s distinguished Foreign Minster Wang three years ago in 2017 at the

UNGA, China is inviting a Little War now, or a Big War later – and I prefer a Little War now. He responded, “No War; No War.”. The unleashing of global death and suffering with the

coronavirus, a plague upon all of us, is worse than Pearl Harbor, and given its deception, and

later, cover-up, lack any semblance of Honor.




Ravi Batra

C: Sen. Chuck Schumer, Leader Kevin McCarthy, Chairman Eliot L. Engel, Ranker McCall,

Chair Carolyn B. Maloney, Ranker Jim Jordan, Chairman-Senator Risch, Ranker-Senator

Bob Menendez, Secretary Pompeo, Secretary Esper, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de

Blasio, and A.G. Tish James.


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