Over ₹1,000 cr of cash, freebies seized in ongoing elections

New Delhi: The Election Commission has said authorities in the five states where elections are ongoing had seized cash, drugs, liquor, precious metals, and other freebies worth ₹1,018.20 crore so far.

The number of inducements seized after the announcement of polls in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Manipur, and Punjab in January till last week was over three times as much as the total amount seized during the 2017 polls. While polling in Punjab, Goa, and Uttarakhand has been completed, polling in UP and Manipur is still scheduled.

Authorities in Goa seized inducements worth ₹12.73 crore, of which ₹6.66 crore was in cash. In Manipur, where the first phase of polling was held on Feb 25, authorities had seized ₹167.83 crore worth of inducements, of which drugs worth ₹143.47 crore had the biggest share.

In Punjab, out of a total of ₹510.91 crore seized, drugs accounted for ₹376.19 crore of the value. Uttarakhand authorities seized inducements of ₹18.81 crore. In UP, a total of ₹307.92 crore worth of seizures had been made as of Feb 25, with ₹91.30 crore in cash, ₹54.08 crore worth of liquor, and ₹43.19 crore worth of drugs.

“The efforts on close monitoring will further continue till completion of the ongoing elections,” the EC said.

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