Over 30 lakh Indians went abroad to study during 2017-22

New Delhi: More than 30 lakh Indians went abroad for higher education during 2017-2022, the Ministry of Education told Lok Sabha. The information was shared by Subhas Sarkar, the Union Education Minister of State, in a written response to a question by JD(U) MP Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh and others. 

“Ministry of Home Affairs’ Bureau of Immigration, maintains departure and arrival data of Indians. But there is no index for capturing the category of Indians going abroad for higher education purpose. Purpose of Indians going abroad for higher education is captured manually based either on their verbal disclosure or the type of visa of the destination country produced by them at the time of immigration clearance,” he said. 

Sarkar said 7.50 lakh Indians disclosed their purpose of visit as study or education while going abroad in 2022. 

The number in preceding years was — 4.4 lakh (2021), 2.59 lakh (2020), 5.86 lakh (2019), 5.17 lakh (2018) and 4.54 lakh (2017). 

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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