Over dozen eminent Indian American women felicitated at US Capitol

Washington, DC: Over a dozen eminent Indian-American women from various parts of the country were felicitated at the US Capitol for their remarkable accomplishment. 

Congressman Danny K Davis presented the awards to these eminent women at the 10th Annual Congressional International Women’s Day Gala organized jointly by American Multiethnic Coalition and Multiethnic Advisory Task Force at the US Capitol here. 

Indian-American women who were felicitated on the occasion were producer artist Rashaana Shah; Indica News founder and journalist Ritu Jha; physician Dr Kalai C Parthiban; social activists Madhu Rohatgi and Chandani Duvvuri; artist Indrani Davaluri; popular anchor and host Nilima Mehra and community activist Suhag Mehta. 

“I am very humbled to be standing with the top 20 honorees for their excellent work for society. My desire to help society empowers me to do Seva. I face challenges every day but I find ways to address them so I stay focused on my life’s goal which is to serve society to the best of my ability. I would continue to empower women and girls through my organization SAWAO (South Asian Wot Activities Organization) as empowerment is the key to economic growth, political stability and social transformation in every country. I assure you that with respect to this award, I will work harder in the future to be worthy of this honor,” said Suhag Mehta.  

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