Pak desirous of mediating in Russia-Ukraine conflict

Islamabad: Pakistan has expressed its desire to play a role in the de-escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine via mediation and table talks amid the ongoing Moscow-Kyiv war.

Taking to Twitter, Khan said: “Earlier today I spoke with EU Council President Charles Michel about the Ukraine situation. Shared concern over continued military conflict highlighted its adverse economic impact on developing countries, stressed the urgent need for ceasefire & de-escalation.

“I emphasized the importance of humanitarian relief & reiterated call for a solution through dialogue & diplomacy. We agreed that countries like Pakistan could play a facilitating role in this endeavor. I look forward to close engagement to promote shared objectives.”

Khan’s offer comes at a time when he lashed out at the European Union (EU) and the western bloc for demanding Islamabad to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine, reminding them of not being thankful to Pakistan for entering a war in Afghanistan and sacrificing thousands of its people and soldiers in the process.

The Prime Minister used strong words and a rigid tone while addressing the EU, NATO, and the US, stating that joining the western bloc was the worst mistake Pakistan made at the time.

Pakistan abstained from voting against Russia at the UN and maintained that the country would want to be a partner in peace.

The country has also maintained that it will not become party to anyone in the conflict, a stance that has raised eyebrows in the western bloc.

Pakistan has carefully positioned itself on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, despite being under pressure from the West to condemn Russia.

The US has maintained that it is evaluating Pakistan’s response to the situation unfolding in Ukraine. (IANS)

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