Pak student who had travelled to India for love repatriated

Mumbai: A month ago, Bengaluru police detained a 19-year-old Pakistani woman for entering India through illegal channels and living in Bengaluru for many months. On February 20, the woman was repatriated to Pakistan and reunited with her parents.

The woman, Iqra Jewani, had travelled across two countries – the United Arab Emirates and Nepal – to reach India. Iqra wanted to meet a man she had met online in an open game room of a gaming website named ‘Ludo’ and had eventually fallen in love with.

Bengaluru police say Iqra was kept at a women’s shelter home in the city for a month. There, the police say, she explained her situation and was given a choice to either stay back or return to her parents. She chose the latter, say police.

“After the initial news, we didn’t share much information about her whereabouts and let diplomacy play its role. Once confirmed that the girl had genuinely travelled to India for love, we decided to not pursue the case any further,” a senior police officer told The Wire.

Iqra, a Class 12 student from Hyderabad in Pakistan, allegedly met Mulayam Singh Yadav on the online gaming portal last year. Her missing complaint was  handed over to the Pakistani Federal Investigation Agency, which tracked her down to India.

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