Pakistan is ‘headache’ for entire world: Ram Madhav in US

Washington: Pakistan, which is a safe haven for terrorists, is a “headache” for the entire world as all major terror attacks across the globe have their footprints in that country, senior BJP leader Ram Madhav has said.

Madhav, in his keynote address at an event by Indian-Americans to observe ‘Global Anti-Terror Day’ here, said that the world community needs to tackle the hub of global terror.

“Remember Pakistan is not only a headache for India. It’s a headache for the entire world. You cannot be treating (Pakistan) with kid gloves,” he told a gathering of Indian-Americans.

All major terrorist incidents of the world have their footprints in Pakistan, Madhav, also a member of the RSS national executive, said.

“Look at the footprints. You will find them in Pakistan. A country that sponsors, promotes, funds, protects terrorists, is a safer haven for terrorists; we need to tackle that country,” Madhav said.

He claimed that a group of intellectuals in Washington DC are busy defending Pakistan and its spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

“They (ISI) are the terror. But they have successfully convinced some intellectuals in America that they are trying very hard, but these terrorist groups are not coming under their control,” he said.

In a lighter vein, Madhav told the Indian-Americans amidst laughter and applause that they should send some of these terrorists to India, which will bring them under control.

Image courtesy of (courtesy: Twitter@ @rammadhav_rss)

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