Pakistan regains global relevance with Afghan govt formation

Peshawar: Pakistan’s role in the current developments in Afghanistan has been pivotal from the historical peace agreement in Doha between US and the Afghan Taliban to the current scenario.

While US President Joe Biden’s administration has shown Pakistan a cold shoulder after the Doha agreement, Islamabad has slowly and smartly regained its regional importance and global relevance in the upcoming future developments in Afghanistan and are the major role players that are aligning and converging their strategies in the war-torn country.

At the moment, Pakistan is in active consultation with countries including the US, the UK, the UAE, Turkey, Germany, Russia, China, and others in planning, discussing, and formulating a plan for the future development process, humanitarian aid through global entities and creating global legitimacy through government formation in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s historical ties with the Taliban since the Soviet war, have kept it extremely relevant and important to facilitate, compel and even influence the Taliban into table talks with the US.

Now with the Taliban government coming in place in Afghanistan and serious looming threats of a humanitarian crisis, health crisis, food crisis, water crisis inching closer, the insurgents have also been forced to call out for help to the international community.

As global donors and countries look towards ways to access Afghanistan with aid, Pakistan seems to be the best viable option as the land route from Pakistan to Afghanistan, through the Torkham border, has served as the cheapest route for long term consistent supplies in and out of Afghanistan.

Moreover, the recent visit by Faiz Hameed, the chief of Pakistan’s top spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), to Afghanistan, days before the announcement of the new government setup under Taliban, has also reaffirmed the existing close ties and symbolic relevance that the country holds with the Taliban.

For the western world, Pakistan has emerged as a king-maker through active its secret but active manoeuvering and strategic gameplay in Afghanistan. (IANS)

Protests against Pak dropping bombs in Panjshir

New Delhi: A number of men and women took to the streets of Kabul chanting slogans against Pakistan as they claim the latter’s jets conducted airstrikes in Panjshir province.

They gathered at the gates of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul and said that they do not support a puppet government in Afghanistan and asked for an inclusive government.

The people gathered after co-leader of the resistance front in Panjshir province Ahmad Masoud in a voice clip called on people of Afghanistan to resurrect against the Taliban, Khaama News reported.

“Freedom”, “Allah Akbar”, “we do not want captivity” were among the slogans chanted by protesters in Kabul.

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