Pannikottu’s AEG receives funding to develop Zero Pressure Tires for Army

Washington: American Engineering Group founded by Kerala-born Abraham Pannikottu is all set to get funding to develop Zero Pressure Tires for US Army. The $5 million funding is part of the 2022 omnibus appropriations bill signed by President Joe Biden that will spend $782 billion on national defence spending.

The spending bill also includes next-generation technologies such as AEG’s carbon fibre pressure zero tire technology. The development of this manufacturing technology will replace the current run-flat inserts inside military tires for both manned and unmanned-autonomous vehicles.

“After decades of painstaking preparation and lab tire testing, AEG is finally poised for manufacturing, with the first pressure “Zero” tire will be delivered in 2023 bringing this military tire from concept to reality has been a long, two-decade journey for AEG,” said Pannikottu.

The project has drawn considerable attention, as it marks AEG’s first foray into military tire manufacturing in the city of Akron, Ohio. The Zero Pressure Tire is also symbolic of the recent trend of innovation among small engineering companies for US defence.

AEG received the award for the DOD project to manufacture a carbon fibre tire that will continue running even after being shredded by roadside bombs or gunfire. Though military vehicle tires are now equipped with run-flat inserts, the DOD wants to upgrade to a zero-pressure tire that’s better at carrying heavier loads and can quickly move soldiers out of harm’s way.

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