Pegasus snooping scandal roils Indian politics

New Delhi: After it emerged that Gandhi was one of the potential targets of snooping using the Pegasus spyware developed by an Israeli company, the opposition party planned nationwide agitation and raised the issue in Parliament.

At least two mobile phone accounts used by the Congress leader were among the 300 verified Indian numbers listed as potential targets by an official Indian client of the Israeli surveillance technology vendor, NSO Group, media has reported.

The Congress said, “Shouldn’t Amit Shah, in-charge of the country’s internal security, be sacked forthwith? Does this not warrant a full investigation into the role of the PM, the Home Minister and others involved?”

Referring to alleged reports of snooping of prominent citizens using Israeli Pegasus spyware, senior BJP leader and union minister Meenakshi Lekhi on Thursday said that these kinds of stories are concocted, fabricated and have no evidence.

“NSO has denied that this is not a list of their customers and has no corroborative evidence of any connection between the list in circulation. Amnesty International has denied this list and yet, the Opposition has continued to disrupt the House based on fake news,” Lekhi said.

Image courtesy of (Photo courtesy The Tribune)

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