Pfizer, Moderna vaccines effective against two India Covid-19 variants: US study

In a new research carried out by US scientists, it has been said that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines could be highly effective against two COVID-19 variants first identified in India. If this is proved right then it can be termed as a big relief for India in its fight against the deadly second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines appear to protect against COVID-19 variants B.1.617 and B.1.618 first identified in India, researchers have reported.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the coronavirus variant first found in India as a ‘variant of global concern’. According to WHO, studies show that B.1.617 mutation spreads more easily than other variants.

The lab-based study was carried out by the NYU Grossman School of Medicine and NYU Langone Center. However, the study is in its preliminary stage and has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal. (source:

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