Pioneering scientist Dr. Paulraj awarded 100th Faraday Medal

New Delhi: The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK, awarded the 2023 Faraday Medal to Stanford University Professor Emeritus and Celesta Capital Advisor Arogyaswami Paulraj. Awarded at a ceremony in London this past weekend, Dr. Paulraj became the 100th recipient of the medal, with his citation reading, ‘For the invention, advancement, and commercialization of MIMO Wireless’. The Faraday Medal is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for engineers and scientists who advance technologies with global impact.  

MIMO (Multiple In, Multiple Out) wireless technology powers 4G, 5G mobile, and WiFi networks, with far-reaching impacts, including the revolution of high-speed wireless access, connecting 6.5 billion smartphone users and another 12 billion personal and machine-type devices to the internet. The ubiquitous broadband wireless connection to the internet would not be possible without MIMO.  

First awarded in 1922 to Oliver Heaviside, the Faraday Medal is the longest-standing global recognition in science and technology. Named after Michael Faraday, the father of electromagnetism, early medalists included J.J. Thompson (discovery of the electron) and E. Rutherford (discovery of the atomic nucleus).  

Commenting on the honor, Dr. Paulraj said, “I am extremely honored to be awarded with the IET Faraday Medal. I believe digital access is truly an equalizer in terms of opportunity creation, and with 5G, India clearly has the potential to enter and succeed in deep technology industries. Since almost all the value addition in these industries comes from innovation and IP ownership, the industry has many barriers to entry. Going forward, India must thoroughly understand all the industry dynamics to frame a successful path.” 

Currently an emeritus professor at Stanford, Dr. Paulraj has received many global honors for his contributions to MIMO technology. He serves as a Senior Advisor to Celesta Capital, a Silicon Valley-headquartered venture capital firm focused on deep tech within the India­­–US corridor.

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