PM Modi pitches hard for India’s UNSC membership

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said India, now the most populous country, “needs to regain its rightful place”, in a strong push for permanent membership of the country in the UN Security Council.

“The issue is not just of credibility, but something much larger. How can the UN Security Council claim to speak for the world when its most populous country and its largest democracy is not a permanent member?” PM Modi said in an interview with French publication Les Echos.

The UN Security Council epitomized the dissonance of an institution not in step with a changed world order, he said.

“Its skewed membership leads to opaque decision making processes, which adds to its helplessness in addressing the challenges of today. I think most countries are clear on what changes they would like to see in the UN Security Council, including on the role India should play.” He added that French President Emmanuel Macron shared the view.

PM Modi spoke to the French media at his official residence in Delhi, before flying to France, on July 13. “As the world’s largest democracy, with unparalleled social and economic diversity, our success will demonstrate that democracy delivers. That it is possible for harmony to exist amidst diversity. At the same time, there is a natural expectation of adjustments in the international system and institutions to give the rightful place to the world’s largest democracy,” he said.

Image courtesy of Twitter@narendramodi

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