PM Modi reveals secret of his glowing face to kids

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday shared the “secret of his radiance” with winners of children’s bravery awards, in New Delhi for the Republic Day parade.

During an interaction with 49 recipients of the “Prime Minister National Children’s Award 2020”, Modi also gave them tips and life lessons.

“Someone asked me many years ago, how come you have such a radiant face? I had a simple answer. I said I work hard and I sweat so much that I massage my face with it and it gives me a glow,” Modi added.

He advised that every child should learn to “sweat very hard” at least four times a day.

The lesson to the gathered schoolchildren – 49 of them – was to work hard and never stop doing so, no matter how many awards came one’s way.

“There are two paths to take. In one, when people win awards and honors, they become arrogant and stop performing. In the other, some people accept awards as encouragement to do even better,” said the Prime Minister, asking his young audience which route they preferred.

“Awards are not the end-all. In a way, they are the start of your lives.”

PM Modi also quizzed the children what was more important to them – rights or duties?

“Duties,” the children chorused.

The Prime Minister joked: “So today I have passed a law here.”

The 49 award winners were from different parts of the country including from Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. They have won in art and culture, innovation, academics, social service, sports and bravery.

“I am amazed that at such an age you all have performed incredible tasks. This must have inspired you to do more good deeds in future. You have shown courage to fight difficult situations,” PM Modi said. “Whenever I hear about such courageous work, talk to you, I also get inspiration and energy.”

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