PM Modi to address Kashi Telugu Sangamam in Varanasi on April 29

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will virtually address the Kashi Telugu Sangamam event, which will be held in his parliamentary constituency Varanasi, on April 29.

The event will be held at a time when Telugu-speaking pilgrims are arriving in Varanasi in large numbers during the ongoing 12-day-long Ganga Pushkar Alu, a religious congregation that is held after 12 years. 

The Sri Kashi Telugu Samithi, an organization of ashrams and dharmshalas linked to Telugus, is organizing the ‘Sangamam’, the organization’s president and BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao said. He is the coordinator of the program. 

The one-day program, to be held at Mansarovar ghat of the Ganga river, will highlight the ancient civilizational ties between the holy city and Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, two states inhabited by Telugu-speaking people, and will host various cultural and religious events to commemorate the link. 

Varanasi also hosted a month-long Kashi Tamil Sangamam. 

“During the Ganga Pushkar Alu, lakhs of people are arriving for a holy bath in Ganga and to participate in different rituals. This is a very holy period. The prime minister will be addressing thousands of such pilgrims,” Mr Rao said, adding that PM Modi will highlight the ancient civilizational connect between the two regions. He lauded the prime minister for rejuvenating Varanasi’s religious and cultural heritage.

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