PM Modi’s 3 secrets to keep jet lag at bay

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had three days in hand as he embarked on his recently concluded US trip. Several time zones later, PM Modi landed in the US and spent 65 hours in the country, with the rest of the time spent travelling, where he attended 20 meetings including the crucial bilateral meeting with President Joe Biden.  

Sources told news agency PTI that PM Modi has some secrets that help him fight jet lag. 

The first is to keep back-to-back meetings on a foreign trip so that there is no time to feel fatigued which is common after a long flight. In the recent trip, PM Modi had five meetings on September 23 with the CEOs, followed by talks with US vice president Kamala Harris, bilateral interactions with Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga and Australian PM Scott Morrison. Then there were some internal meetings. On September 24, he held his bilateral meeting with Biden and attended the Quad meet. On September 25, he addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Every day he held many other internal meetings. 

The second secret is to accommodate some meetings on the flight itself. As per PTI report he held four meetings on the way to and back from the US. 

The third secret is to tune the body and the sleep cycle to the time zone of the destination. The reason he does not sleep on the flight even if it’s night in India. “He does the same thing when returning to India ensuring that he is fresh and ready to go when he lands during the day time,” the PTI report added. 

On his way to the United States, he posted a photo from the flight where he was seen going through some papers inside the flight. As a matter of fact, PM Modi always prefers night flights which is a habit that developed in the 1990s. The report said that when he used to visit the US in the 1990s, an airline used to give a discounted monthly pass. “To make the most of it, Modi would always travel at night as this ensured that he could visit most places while not having to spend a penny on hotels. His night would be invariably spent at the airport and in the plane,” a source told PTI. 

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