PM Modi’s unique gifts for Kamala Harris, Quad leaders

Prime Minister Narendra Modi added a personal touch to a diplomatic gesture as he met US Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday.

He gave Ms Harris a five-decade-old government notification that mentioned her grandfather – PV Gopalan. As a government officer, Mr Gopalan had served in various roles. The 1966 notification was gifted in a handcrafted wooden frame.

Among the gifts was also a chess set from Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi -the Prime Minister’s parliamentary constituency. “The craft of Gulabi Meenakari (used in the chess set) is closely associated with Kashi, one of the oldest cities of the world,” said a government statement. “Each piece on this particular chess set is remarkably handcrafted. The bright colours reflect the vibrancy of Kashi.”

To Australia’s Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister gifted a “Silver Gulabi Meenakari ship”. “This ship is also distinctly handcrafted and bright, reflecting eternal Kashi’s dynamism,” the statement read.

Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s Prime Minister, was given a sandalwood Buddha statue.

“Buddhism plays a big role in bringing India and Japan together. The thoughts and ideals of Lord Buddha reverberate far and wide in Japan. During his previous visits to Japan, PM Modi has visited Buddhist temples as well,” says the official statement.

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