Pre-release road show of Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘Kashmir Files’ in 14 US cities

New York: A first ever road show of a feature film on a historic subject to hit fourteen cities across USA, leading universities coupled with impact events for leading policy makers from Nov 27.  

‘The Kashmir Files’ made by national award-winning filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri is a landmark film on Kashmiri Hindu Genocide that took place in 1990 when hundreds of thousands of native Hindu Kashmiris were asked to leave Kashmir overnight or face the consequences – ‘death.’  

“This story has to be shared, so the world knows the pain of uprooting. It’s a story of genocide that inflicts unlimited pain on millions and on several generations,” said Agnihotri.  

Traveling along with are national award-winning actors Mithun Chakraborty and Pallavi Joshi, who will be present during screening in Long Island and New Jersey on 27th and 28th November respectively. 

Superstar Mithun Chakraborty joins again in screening in Hollywood in December end and acclaimed actor Anupam Kher will join Jan 6th screening in Manhattan.  

The project initiated by Dr Surinder Kaul of Global Kashmiri Pandit diaspora was expanded with extensive support from Sunil Hali, a Kashmiri himself and Ken Naz, former CEO of EROS. Dr Kaul has been spearheading many Kashmir initiatives and is known to be the voice of the Kashmiri community. “This project is very close to my heart which hurts when I think of my motherland. I have worked closely with Vivek during its making and am excited to see it to fruition,” said Dr Surinder Kaul. 

A core team that includes Mukesh Modi, a celebrated filmmaker and patriot from New York, an advisory team with Rakesh Kaul, Mohan Wanchoo to guide the vision, and a team of volunteers in each of the cities helped to take the project to the next level. Priya Samant has been key in building support from policy makers and universities. The film roadshow travels through Long Island (NY), Edison (NJ), DC-MD-VA, North Carolina, Tampa (FL), Atlanta (GA), Boston (MA), Denver (CO), Chicago (IL), Austin (TX), Dallas (TX) Seattle (WA), Silicon Valley and Los Angeles (CA), Houston (TX) and Manhattan (NY). The film will also be screened in leading universities such as Columbia, GWU and have Impact events in various cities for policy makers including at the Holocaust Museum (DC). 

Indian diaspora from every city has stepped forward and contributed generously to make this happen under the banner of United India Pragati Foundation, a 501c3 organization. 

The official worldwide release is on January 26, 2022. 

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