President Biden should intervene, stop this open support to Khalistan: American India Public Affairs Committee

American India Public Affairs Committee in a press statement condemned the Connecticut General Assembly’s recent citation greeting the World Sikh Parliament on the so-called Sikh independence.

Jagdish Sewhani, President of The American India Public Affairs Committee said that it is highly condemnable & not at all acceptable. “President Joe Biden should intervene, as it is an open support for an Independent State, ‘Khalistan’. This irresponsible act of supporting the secessionist movement in India is absolutely unacceptable. USA the oldest democracy and India the largest democracy share very close and strategic relationships. How can a state in the USA call into question the territorial integrity of India? The people of Connecticut are smart and intelligent, this is not the will of the people of Connecticut.
Sikhs are a very patriotic and peace-loving community. They sacrificed their lives for India. Sikhs are an integral part of the very diverse society of India. They are in public service, the army and have been President and Prime Minister of India.
It looks like the Connecticut assembly has not done their homework. They have been misguided by a few mischievous elements. The citation has been issued based on total misinformation which has no iota of truth. It is an absolutely misuse, and abuse of the power of the General Assembly of Connecticut. It should immediately rectify the step which the people of Connecticut don’t want.”

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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