Presidential polls in India on July 18

New Delhi: The Election Commission on Thursday announced July 18 as the date of the 16th Presidential Election for electing the next President of India.

“The ECI has fixed the schedule for the election of the office of the President of India. The polls will be held on July 18. The counting of the votes, if needed, shall be done on July 21,” Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar said at a press conference in New Delhi. “The commission has decided to maintain all Covid-19 precautions and protocols on polling day,” he added.

Electors will have to mark the ballot only with the special pen provided by the poll panel “and not with any other pen”. “Voting by using any other pen shall lead to invalidation of the vote at the time of counting,” the EC cautioned.

The President is elected by the members of the Electoral College consisting of elected members of both Houses of Parliament and elected members of the Legislative Assemblies of all States including National Capital Territory of Delhi and the Union Territory of Puducherry.

The total value of the votes for all MPs combined is 5,43,200 and States is 5,43,231 with 4809 total electoral. Nominated MPs, MLAs and members of legislative councils cannot vote to elect the President in India.

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