Priyanka Chopra advocates timely intervention for asthma

Mumbai, Sep 3 : Actress Priyanka Chopra, who suffers from asthma, has partnered with Cipla Respiratory to create awareness about the condition and break the stigma surrounding its treatment. She has advocated timely intervention that can help one have a better quality of life.

As someone who is asthmatic, I can say that there is social stigma associated with asthma and its therapy. It is evident that asthma is on the rise in India and there is little awareness about the most effective therapy on offer, Priyanka said in a statement.

Glad to have an opportunity to spread the right awareness through the association with Cipla, the popular actress added: I would like to tell people that it is very crucial to get treated for asthma as early as possible. Timely diagnosis and the right treatment combined with simple lifestyle modifications can help in managing asthma better.

She will address the psychosocial aspects of asthma, including stigma, one of the key contributing factors for patient anxiety, delayed diagnosis, denial and limited disclosure of being asthmatic and avoidance of inhaler use in public.

As part of a campaign, Priyanka will help spread the word regarding the need for an attitudinal change towards inhalation therapy as the most effective for asthma management vis-a-vis oral medication.

Nikhil Chopra, Head India Business, Cipla Ltd, said they are happy to partner with a super achiever like Priyanka, who is an inspiration for many to help increase both relevance and acceptance of inhalation therapy, thereby ensuring better follow-up with optimal outcomes for asthmatics.

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