Priyanka Chopra interviews US Vice President Kamala Harris at White House

Actress Priyanka Chopra added another feather to her cap when she visited the White House on Friday and spoke with US Vice President Kamala Harris at the Democratic National Committee Women’s Leadership Forum. Looking elegant in a yellow backless dress and matching heels, Priyanka asked the US Vice President some important questions about various topics like pay parity and gun laws in the US.  

During the conversation, Priyanka also revealed that in her career of 22 years, this year she received equal pay on a job with a male co-actor for the first time. 

The actor also took to her Instagram Stories to share a few glimpses of her visit to Washington DC, especially the White House. She shared a picture of the Washington Monument, a glimpse inside the White House and a beverage she had, which had the presidential seal on it. 

Priyanka recently also hailed the Supreme Court of India’s ruling to legalize abortion in India irrespective of marital status. The court said that a woman should have “reproductive autonomy” to seek an abortion without consulting a third party. Reacting to it on her Instagram Stories, Priyanka wrote, “The right to choose. The only way it should be for women across the world. A progressive step forward!!!” 

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