‘Priyanka to shift to Lucknow after Covid 19 subsides’

New Delhi: After the government sent Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi a notice to vacate her 35 Lodi Estate official bungalow within a month, party sources said that being in-charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh she is likely to shift to Lucknow.

Sources close to Priyanka Gandhi said she will shift after the Covid-19 pandemic subsides.

But Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said “she has been going to Lucknow often and what steps she will take she has a right to and will not succumb to pressures and she will stand with the common man as she is raising the issues,”

After the eviction notice was given the Congress said it’s unfair. Party senior spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, “The threat perception has not changed but only the protection agency has changed ” and added that the bills for all amenities were paid by Priyanka Gandhi.

The government is rattled by the issues raised by Priyanka Gandhi, added Singhvi and it is resorting to petty politics.

Priyanka has reportedly already finalised the house of late Congress leader Sheila Kaul in the Hazrat Ganj area of Lucknow.

During her Lucknow visit before the pandemic she had stayed in that house.

The government in an order said that it has cancelled the government accommodation given to Priyanka Gandhi with the direction to vacate the house within one month.

The government said that the Ministry of Home Affairs has informed vide its communication dated June 30 that Priyanka Gandhi has been assigned Z plus security with CRPF cover on an all-India basis, which does not have any provision for allotment or retention of government accommodation. She is not a SPG protectee now.

“I fail to understand the timing of the govt’s actions however Priyanka Gandhi is on a mission to fight and work for the people of UP and is unfazed and not bothered by these diversionary tactics.” said Congress leader Jitin Prasada.

Image courtesy of IANS

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