Promote fitness from a young age

Children, like adults, require some form of exercise in their daily routine to stay healthy. Your children are watching you and attempting to mimic everything you do, good or bad. As a result, it is critical to have an exercise routine in place in order to instill the habit of exercise in your children from the start. Encourage your children by telling them about the benefits of exercise or by finding fun ways to exercise.

Ways to ensure that your family moves at least for 60 minutes each day:

  • Start early. Young children love to play and be active. Encouraging more safe and informal movement and play can help build a solid foundation for an active lifestyle.
  • Set a good example by living an active life for yourself.
  • Make exercise a part of your daily routine by taking family trips or playing sports together.
  • Give your children ideas and things that encourage exercise.
  • Exercising can be done with a lot of fun like dancing, playing blocks or simple activities
  • Take young people to places such as community parks, community baseball stadiums, or basketball courts
  • Have a positive attitude about the physical activity
  • Make bodywork fun. Recreational activities can be anything your child enjoys, organized or unorganized. Activities
  •    Make sure they are safe! Always provide protections like helmets, wrist pads, or knee pads for activities such as cycling, or scooters, skateboarding, roller skating, rock-wall.

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