Quad Summit: Who said what…

Indian PM Narendra Modi | “Quad has made an important place for itself before the world in such a short span of time. Today, Quad’s scope has become extensive, its form effective. Our mutual trust and our determination are giving new energy and enthusiasm to democratic powers.”

US President Joe Biden | “We are navigating a dark hour in our shared history – Russia’s war on Ukraine. It is a humanitarian catastrophe that is more than just a European issue, it’s a global issue. [Russian President] Putin is trying to obliterate Ukrainian culture. He’s not just hitting military targets – they are targeting every school, every church. The world has to deal with this,”

Australian PM Anthony Albanese | “We will bring more resources and energies to securing our region as we enter a new and more complex phase in the Pacific strategic environment. We’ll continue to stand with you, our like-minded friends, and collectively stand for each other.”

Japanese PM Fumio Kishida | “We should listen carefully to voices of the countries in the ASEAN, South Asia as well as the Pacific Island countries, so as to further advance cooperation, conducive to solving urgent issues facing the vision (for Indo Pacific Region).”

Image courtesy of (courtesy: Hindustan Times)

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