Queen Elizabeth joins virtual unveiling of new portrait

Queen Elizabeth II joined in the virtual unveiling of a new portrait commissioned by Britain’s Foreign Office to honor her services to the diplomacy.

The portrait of the monarch, by Miriam Escofet, is meant to pay tribute to the queen’s work in promoting the United Kingdom’s interests all over the world.

The queen saw the painting on her computer screen and observed that the teacup in the portrait lacked a key ingredient: tea. Escofet told the monarch that she had included the insignia of the FCO on the cup.

“She seemed to react very positively to it,” Escofet said. “She was smiling, asking how long it took and if I had any more projects on the go after this.’’

The unveiling took place during a virtual visit in which the monarch was informed about how the Foreign Office handled the shock wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic and brought thousands of British tourists home from far-flung travels. (Source: indiatoday.in)

Image courtesy of bloomberg.com

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