Rahman to score music for film by UAE’s first woman filmmaker

AR Rahman is set to compose music for ‘Baab’, the directorial debut of UAE’s first woman filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja. Rahman and Khaja were present at the Cannes Film Market to promote the film.

The musical genius was recently in news for his directorial debut, the virtual reality film ‘Le Musk’, which had its world premiere at the market’s Cannes XR program.

‘Baab’ is written by Al Khaja and Masoud Amralla Al Ali. It follows Wahida, who is unable to make sense of her twin sister’s mysterious death and is plagued by a haunting rhythm in her ears.

Talking about ‘Baab’, Al Khaja told Variety: “It’s about the four stages of grief, but we don’t say it so black and white. She [Wahida] creates a fantasy world to justify her sister’s death, because she’s young. They’re identical. They spent their entire life together. So how do you move on after that point?” Shooting for the film will begin in March 2023.

Image courtesy of (Photo courtesy: Ammar Abd Rabbo/mime.news)

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