Ravi Batra pans Biden’s anti-India stance

New York: I fear that 2020 is the year of “pandering” and “appeasement,” both of which will bleed American Exceptionalism, and make it a resident of history, and diminish our future with leaders who lack spine and principles. Earlier this year, President Trump went to India and hugged 1.3 billion Indians; returned home to deal with China’s pandemic. Vice President Joseph Biden – ahead in every poll to win – on his campaign website incredulously goes easy on China and forgives State-sponsored cross-border Terrorism, but stands up to secular and democratic India. Indeed, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Recipe may be fulfilled in the negative – and bring us a chaotic and bloody 1789 French Revolution. Let me explain.

The 2020 Election is unlike any we have had before. We are swimming with enemies foreign and domestic. Worst of all, Leaders are fighting to be the latest and greatest “Neville Chamberlain,” and make Appeasement fashionable by one dishonest rationale or another. We have been Pearl Harbored by Chinese Communist Party’s deliberate export of a lab-engineered Wuhan Virus, yet they have successfully renamed it as “Covid-19” – by charging anyone who wanted to label it based upon it’s country of origin as a racist. If the U.S. Customs Service requires the country of origin to be correctly labeled on all good shipped into the United States, such as a shirt’s label must say its “Made in China,” so it is the “Wuhan Virus” – that horrible Trojan Horse, that Plague, that has stolen our happy imperfect “normal,” killed our friends and family, and devastated most of the world into economic submission to China. China, instead of apologizing or paying due compensation, has instead gone belligerent – in the South China Sea, Line of Actual Control (fixed by China, after its successful 1962 War with Nehru’s India), and incredulously, mandated her diplomats behave as “Wolf Warriors.” President Xi’s “Thought,” i.e. new China Policy is: “Rejuvenation”; apparently code for the re-birth of the Ming Dynasty’s Tribute System imposed upon her Vassal States.

The 2016 election was a foreign trial balloon, and the Democratic Primary was rigged: Bernie Sanders was mistreated; Debate Questions were leaked to Hillary; Joe Biden, a man who was born to run in 2016, was forced by Barack Obama, at Hillary’s urging, to give it up and rewarded with a 13-minutes Rose Garden “I’m Not Running” speech; and the DNC was a dishonest Fiduciary.  Indeed, I told Joe, face-to-face, in 2015 “Run, Joe, Run!” when we spoke within a security bubble in Turtle Bay, and he asked me, if he ran and won, would I serve with him. By the beginning of 2016, it was obvious to me, given the American Dream being in the ICU as most of America’s kids’ future was less bright than their parents, that Donald J. Trump, the Great Disrupter, was going to be elected President – and I so shared that with all my dear friends, including, in the diplomatic and ministerial corps.

We have just lived through an Impeachment without Senate-removal, something we experienced with dear Bill in the heady 1990’s. We are now post-George Floyd snuffed-death, peaceful protests, violent protests, and criminal looting and rioting; all, reminiscent of the painful 1789 French Revolution. We have BLM, in shades of Black, and Blue.

But China, not Russia, is now the foreign nation looming large in our 2020 election – when for Richard Nixon, since 1967 Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) was only covertly involved in helping him get elected in 1968; such valuable was the support, that Nixon repaid Chairman Mao by gifting the world to the CCP, both in trade and the UNSC P5 Seat. While the recent Impeachment featured Hunter Biden’s princely wages from Burisma for being Joe’s un-favorite son, it is China who gave Hunter’s “baby” hedge fund company $1.5 Billion to invest and play with, when he flew on Air Force Two with his VP-Dad to China.

The burning question I have is: Dear Mr. Vice-President, are you the Joe Biden we know and love, and who will stand up – as every “Gold Star” Family has after sacrificing their kids for our Flag – for US against China in a fulsome manner? Or, are you so compromised by Hunter and age, that you would appease China and give it “a pass” with a few words, and reduce us to a mere vassal state paying tribute to China?

Given that it’s long-standing policy and a bigger outrage – than Hong Kong recently losing its freedoms – how China has dealt with its Uyghur Muslims, reminiscent of Nazi Hitler, by being forcibly moved into Concentration Camps where they can be re-educated and re-trained away from their faith, and into subservient obedience to local CCP leadership, I decided to look at your Presidential Campaign position on “AGENDA FOR MUSLIM-AMERICAN COMMUNITIES: Champion human rights and democracy globally.”

I am horrified by your pandering, and giving China “a pass.” It is so bad, Joe, that you run the risk of jumping right over Trump and becoming the Manchurian Candidate. The mistreatment of Uyghurs has convulsed the OIC, and every person of good conscience. In fact, the desperate and horrific treatment of the Rohingyas is also long-standing of many years, and tears at one’s heartstrings. I know that you are not new to foreign policy, having chaired the illustrious Senate Foreign Relations Committee; and that was before you served with Barack Obama as Vice President – as we all voted for both of you, twice.  So, sadly, these pronouncements by you are no accident, and not ignorance-based – even if it’s written by someone else who deserves to be publicly fired.

Here it is in your 3-paragraph campaign statement’s middle paragraph – made up of 148 words, exclusive of the opening sentence:

“Joe also understands the pain Muslim-Americans feel towards what’s happening in Muslim-majority countries and countries with significant Muslim populations. The forced detention of over a million Uyghur Muslims in western China is unconscionable. As President,  Joe will speak out against the internment camps in Xinjiang and hold the people and companies complicit in this appalling oppression accountable. Additionally, systematic discrimination and atrocities against Burma’s Rohingya Muslim minority is abhorrent and undermines peace and stability. In Kashmir, the Indian government should take all necessary steps to restore rights for all the people of Kashmir.  Restrictions on dissent, such as preventing peaceful protests or shutting or slowing down the Internet, weaken democracy. Joe Biden has been disappointed by the measures that the government of India has taken with the implementation and aftermath of the National Register of Citizens in Assam and the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act into law. These measures are inconsistent with the country’s long tradition of secularism and with sustaining a multi-ethnic and multi-religious democracy.” 

38 – 17 – 93: Domestic Pandering, and Foreign Appeasement of China

For China’s million-plus Uyghurs put in concentration camps, families ripped apart for years, and allegations of torture both in and out of Camps, you spent a mere 38 words. For Myanmar’s Rohingya persecution, where men, women and children have been killed, and nearly a million refugees spilled into Bangladesh and other neighboring countries, beyond their capacity to absorb, you spent a mere 17 words.

But for our democratic secular friend India, dealing with matters internal to her governance under law – also a repeated victim of Terror attacks, and who has been dealing with State-sponsored cross-border Terrorism and foreign-seeded domestic Terrorists in Kashmir – without a word of support about India’s triggering-cause, you pander and filibuster about Kashmir with 93 words for events that occurred less than a year ago, after India suffered many Terror attacks over decades, including her 9/11 on November 26th. I now fear that you were blasé – when on Obama’s watch – our Navy “Seal Team Six” in Operation Neptune Spear brought “Justice” to OBL in Abbottabad, Pakistan in 2011; almost ten years after our WTC was engulfed in flames and New Yorkers burned-to-death by the Terrorists.

As I testified last October at the invitation of Chairman Eliot Engel at the HFAC’s Sub-Committee Hearing on Human Rights, chaired by Rep. Brad Sherman, India is following Thomas Jefferson’s precious sequence of rights embedded in the Declaration of Independence: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness…”. India’s P.M. Modi’s first job, like our every President’s, is to protect public safety – i.e. life, so that liberty (aka Freedoms) can be exercised, and happiness pursued. Joe, maybe it’s time to re-read the Declaration of Independence.

The present day liberal lunatics, who despite their own imperfections, want to impose a present-day standard back in time that would be alien to the then-ecosystem. History, if unknown or un-remembered, is repeated. So, everyone who stands against slavery, as I do, demands that history accurately depict life as it was: good, bad and ugly. Furthermore, if perfection is what a statue must have, who among us could ever sit in judgment, given our follies?

I am a proud American, and a Democrat second; and I demand that our President protect America from all enemies, foreign and domestic, under law. I’ve survived the Torjan Horse that is the Wuhan Virus, wrote to President Trump after I learned the biochemistry and epidemiology to crack the Wuhan Virus to determine that it was lab-engineered. Thankfully, President Trump, upon receipt of my Open Letter, launched an investigation of China’s cover-up, walked away from the Trade Deal, and has imposed sanctions while Secretary Esper gets ready to permanently free up the navigation in the South China Sea from China’s Jaws of War. China’s belligerence post-export of the Plague is a clear declaration of war – even if being Pearl Harbored by the deliberate export of the Wuhan Virus wasn’t enough of a declaration  – and “We the People” need a war-time President in 2020 – not an Appeaser who will sells us “down the river” – ready to start a Little War now, or else we will all be stuck with a Big World War years later. As for me, while all wars are painful and hurt, if the choice is “Little” now and “Big” later, as I told Chinese FM Wang in-person in September 2017, I prefer a Little War now. Joe, given your pandering and appeasement on your presidential campaign website, I fear you may not keep America safe if elected president, nor the rock-solid friend our allies deserve.

I write to warn you, Joe. It is up to you to rehabilitate your campaign stance, fire your appeasing & pandering advisors, and prove yourself worthy to be elected POTUS, who will stand up tallest to China now – given the clear & present danger to our Republic.

Eminent attorney Ravi Batra is Chair National Advisory Council for South Asian Affairs

Images courtesy of AP and Parveen Chopra

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