Ravi Bhooplapur conferred honorary doctorate by Karnatak University

Aruba: Xavier University Aruba President Ravi Bhooplapur was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by the prestigious Karnatak University in Dharwad, India on October 30 at its 73rd annual convocation ceremony.

Ravi, who was awarded the honorary doctorate in recognition of his contribution to the field of education and philanthropy, was born and raised in Dharwad, studied at JSS college and is the first non-Indian resident to receive this great honor.

“It is an honor to receive this honorary doctorate from Karnatak University, a place I hold so dear,” said

Ravi Bhooplapur, “Thank you to everyone at Karnatak University who made this possible.”

In 2008, Ravi took over the Xavier University School of Medicine in Aruba, and quickly turned the school into an exemplary success. As President, he has overseen the transition of Xavier into a fully-accredited medical school, repeatedly being named one of the Top 10 Caribbean Medical Schools by Money Inc.

To date, Ravi’s leadership has led to the graduation of more than 1,200 doctors who are now working in the US and around the world.

Ravi has also focused on philanthropy worldwide. He founded Gift of Life India in 2001, an organization that has, to date, saved the lives of 6,500 children suffering from congenital heart disease in India by providing heart surgery free of cost. He has also provided an unimaginable amount of assistance to the people of India in many other ways by supporting many different organizations.

“As I have said many times, I am happy being known as a man who not only made millions, but who touched the lives of millions,” said Ravi. “Giving back to make the world a better place is what really matters the most, and I am thankful to Karnatak University for recognizing my achievements in education and giving back,” he added.

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