I read your article titled ‘Kadha vs Pharma Cocktail’, which is timely and gives the real picture of what is happening in this jumbo-populated country of half-learned people – India.  Here people are blindly following anything western-styled, even blindly consuming modern medicines which they know have serious side effects. Most people live like foreigners in India.


The term ‘half-learned’ is not meant as the hopelessness of illiteracy, but to say some behave as half-filled pots and “blind”.  Even though people are brought up with a lot of values of Dinacharya, Sadvruttha, etc., in younger age, many turn a blind eye to those gems, embracing whatever comes from the West, in the veil of modernism and development.


Your article is direct, giving the real picture, which I very much liked. By reading your one article one is sure to get the understanding equal to many articles of others!  I liked the sentence that reminds us that modern doctors would not give these dangerous chemical pills to their loved ones but don’t mind giving it to patients.


Swami Ramdev has boldly embarked upon tying the bell around the cat’s neck. Describing Ramdev’s gradual emergence and how monstrous pharma goes on plundering the hard-earned money of the common people without remembering that health is a right of each person….you have rightly described the power of united common people’ s understanding…. Thanks for such wonderful writing!


Dr. Dinakara Dongre

Ayurvedic physician in Govt Hospital in Udupi, Karnataka

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