Rekha exudes royalty as she poses for a magazine shoot

Veteran actor Rekha, in a rare conversation, opened up about her career and thoughts on her craft. She posed for a magazine and her pictures are winning hearts on the internet.

Speaking with Vogue Arabia, Rekha explained why she has not starred in any project since 2014. She said, “Whether I make films or not, it never leaves me. I have my memories to relive what I love. And when the time is right, the right project will find me. My person is my own, but my cinematic persona is in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore I choose where I want to be and where I don’t want to be. I am so blessed to have earned the right to choose what I love. And to have the luxury to simply say no.”

During the conversation, the veteran was also asked ‘When you love someone or something so deeply, does the love disappear?’ Rekha responded, “No. Once the relationship is established it is forever. Sometimes we may want more and sometimes it’s just enough. This applies to my craft. I was born with an instinct for the perseverance of beauty. Sure, I was born to actors… but it is my insatiable quest for learning, my willingness to keep my eyes and heart open, absorbing beauty with positivity not negativity, that gives me command over my craft. I feel like a newcomer every day. And I trust those who demonstrate commitment like I do.”

Image courtesy of Vogue Arabia

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