Renaissance meets grunge at London Fashion Week

Turkish designer Bora Aksu mixed Renaissance and grunge for his latest womenswear collection on Friday, as Fashion Week kicked off in London. 

Aksu was among the first to present his latest autumn/winter 2022 creations, looking to 14th-century poet Christine de Pizan for inspiration for his dreamy feminine dresses and sharp tailored jackets. 

Models walked the catwalk in an array of floaty frocks in dusty pinks, cream, and different shades of blue. The dresses in taffeta and tulle were frilled, ruffled, layered, decorated with contrasting black ribbons or with puffy sleeves. They were paired with pink grunge-style boots and sometimes berets. 

“This feels like different centuries meet together,” Aksu told Reuters. “There are those references from early Renaissance and then there’s lots of the ’90s vibe with the makeup and grunge moment and the boots and everything.” 

London Fashion Week, which ran until Feb. 22, began as an Atlantic storm-battered Britain, with the city and other parts of the country suffering significant disruption. Like its predecessor in New York, the London event, known for showcasing emerging talent, is a mix of physical shows, presentations, and get-togethers as well as digital releases. 

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